Homeopathy and The Urinary System

Problems can arise when this system of the body becomes disrupted in various ways. 

For example in urinary tract infections where there can be pain urinating and in the loins, sometimes with a fever and general malaise, or in cystitis where there may be pain and frequent urging with strong coloured, cloudy urine with an intense odour.  

As a homeopath and holistic practitioner, I consider symptoms that arise such as those described above as well as things like:

frequent urging; pain; abnormal urine colour; candida; cystitis; infections;  incontinence

to name but a few, as the body’s attempt to throw off an inner disturbance which the immune system has not been able to overcome and where our balance of health has been lost. 

I work with you to find out when and how your symptoms began and the exact nature of them, in order for homeopathic treatment to stimulate your system to work through the underlying causes to bring resolve your symptoms, whether acute or more chronic.  Causation factors are varied and can be underlying toxicity in our body or sometimes stresses or even unresolved emotions which can all be treated homeopathically.

For any issues of the urinary system, the homeopathic prescriptions you are given take into account both the specific symptoms you are suffering as well as your general constitutional type, including any  characteristics such as likes and dislikes, temperature control, and other individual factors that reflect you as an individual, in order to stimulate your system to throw off the disturbance.

The urinary system’s basic function is the excretion of waste products via urine which drain through the ureters into the bladder at low pressure ready to exit the body via the urethra. Healthy urinary system function usually means urine is free of bacteria and other infectious organisms, blood cells, sugars or proteins.  By selectively holding on to some substances and secreting others, the urinary system dynamically helps to maintain balance in our body.   

Consultations last at least an hour, during which we go through your symptoms, how they started and how they affect you, as well as looking at your characteristics as an individual in order  to get the best homeopathic prescription for you.  You can book an initial consultation here:

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