Homeopathy and Hormones

Homeopathy is very good at dealing with problems in our hormonal system. Problems can arise when this system of our body becomes disrupted in various ways.  For example, the changes that take place throughout women’s menstrual cycles can cause imbalances at various stages.  Issues like: 

Pre-menstrual syndrome ; cramps ; heavy periods ; menopausal symptoms; mood swings ;  hot flushes ; dryness ; night sweats; decreased libido ; bone-thinning 

all respond very well to homeopathic remedies, as do the natural conditions of labour, childbirth and breastfeeding.  Homeopathy serves as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy and also boosts women’s fertility, confidence, natural intelligence and abilities.

As a homeopath and holistic practitioner, I view hormonal symptoms that arise as the body’s attempt to throw off an inner disturbance which the immune system has not been able to overcome and where healthy hormonal balance has been lost.  I work with you to find out when and how your symptoms began and the exact nature of them, in order for homeopathic treatment to stimulate your system to work through the underlying causes to resolve your symptoms, whether acute or more chronic.  

For any hormonal issues, the homeopathic prescriptions you are given take into account both the specific symptoms you are suffering as well as your general constitutional type, including any  characteristics such as likes and dislikes, temperature control, and other individual factors that reflect you as an individual, in order to stimulate your system to throw off symptoms and rebalance itself.

The Endocrine System

The endocrine system is one of the body’s two major communication systems (the other being the nervous system).  This system plays a major role in growth, tissue function and metabolism, puberty, sexual function and reproduction, stress responses, kidney and digestive function.  It is made up of glands and hormones which affect behaviour and body function.  Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body which carry information from one cell to another and are released directly into the bloodstream from the endocrine glands.  Optimal health relies upon an integrated and efficiently functioning endocrine system, which homeopathy looks to heal and balance. 

Consultations last at least an hour, during which we go through your symptoms, how they started and how they affect you, as well as looking at your characteristics as an individual in order  to get the best homeopathic prescription for you.  You can book an initial consultation here:

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