Frequently asked questions

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is both a safe yet effective system of medicine in which illness is treated using individually chosen remedies. The body is an intelligent healer and remedies stimulate the body to heal itself based on the natural Law of Similars. Homeopathy is almost two hundred years old and it is used throughout the world. In the UK, 12% of the population (nearly 8 million people) already know that homeopathy works.  It is part of national health systems in Germany, France, Switzerland, India and Brazil.

What happens in consultation?

I work in Wimbledon and Carshalton and consultations take place on site or can be done via video-link. During a consultation, I need to find out as much about you as possible and have a thorough understanding of who you are. As well as finding out about your symptoms, information is required about all aspects of your life from work, personality, medical history and any other stresses and how they affect you. The information is evaluated and a remedy is prescribed based on your symptoms ie it is individually chosen to fit your requirements.

How does it work?

A Homeopath sees symptoms as the body’s attempts to heal itself and so the aim is to find a remedy which most closely fits a person’s symptoms. A remedy prescribed in this way, will stimulate the body’s own intelligent powers of healing and restore health.

What can it be used to treat?

A trained practitioner can treat virtually any ailment, as homeopathy treats the whole person. The following are just a few of the problems that respond well to Homeopathic treatment: acne;anxiety; asthma; depression; eczema; headaches; irritable bowel; urinary tract issues; period problems; menopasual problems; sleep disorders; stress. Childhood ailments generally from teething, colic to ear infections, fevers etc. It can also be used to assist in healing injuries such as strains, sprains, wounds, burns and also in helping bites, stings etc. These are just a few examples of a very long list of ailments that can benefit from Homeopathy.

We see symptoms as the body’s attempt to heal itself and so the aim is to find a remedy which most closely fits your symptoms. A remedy prescribed in this way will stimulate the body’s own powers of healing and restore health. Homeopathy is very safe. It can be prescribed for babies and pregnant women without any danger of side-effects. The remedies are prepared so that only tiny doses are used. All remedies are tested on healthy, human volunteers so that all curative properties can be documented and in this way we know what symptoms they can cure. 

Homeopathy versus orthodox medicine?

Homeopathy is geared towards restoring and maintaining health rather than fighting against disease. The aim is to strengthen the body so that it can resist harmful organisms. You need not wait until you are ill to see a Homeopath. Instead remedies can be used to maintain health and enhance general well-being.