I came down with a very bad dose of glandular fever a few months ago which was still really bad after 10 days. I was suffering with an extremely sore throat, and I wasn't able to sleep as I kept sweating and coughing. After a consultation and prescription from Felicity, I was able to sleep that night for the first time, and from then on I began to mend with my sore throat going completely. I also got my energy back and was back to my usual self after a few days.
James Morel
A Level Student

After the extreme exhaustion I felt after my chemotherapy, I am greatly indebted to you for the in depth consultations I had with you leading to such great results and the restoring of my energy. Many thanks indeed. A Ellis Myeloma cancer patient

I asked Felicity for her help with treating my eczema which she did with great results. But then as an additional bonus she cured my sinuses and I have not had a problem with them ever since. I would highly recommend her as she takes great care of every individual need. E Ward, Kingston Vale